VELOCIRAPTOR – Saturday 17th January


“So we picked a bunch of people we liked and formed a band. Emerging as a 3 piece in late 2008 and eventually transforming into its prime gang form (now 12 strong) as of Mid-to-late 2009. The result is underlying garage pop gems brought to life by an orchestra of guitars and gang vocals galore. New tracks up feature on our debut 7” being released September 18, 2010. “What’s incredible is how coherent the chaos and screaming and shimmying sounds. Their MySpace page – fine as the songs are – really doesn’t do the live experience justice. It’s like the Mary Chain given a MASSIVE humour injection and several decent songs. It’s like Shindig brought to life right in front of your disbelieving eyes. It’s pure 60s and it’s MASSIVE. Bangs alive, Velociraptor make me proud to be living in Brisbane.” -Everett True, 2010.

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