TWIN HAUS • Friday 6th November


“On their debut release, last year’s Waxen Myriad EP, Brisbane’s Twin Haus proved themselves a band unafraid to merge off course into the far reaches of ambient, psych and noise. The scattering of singles released since have hinted at a refinement of that sound, yet carefully aware of not sacrificing that core craving of chaos for a simplistic route. The latest of which, “I Used To Think”, the title track from their forthcoming follow-up EP, is led by heavy rhythms, palpitating punches that present a tighter and more direct approach. Thankfully, the wandering eyes remain, with any sense of linearity dispelled by the softer vocal tones, sweeping ensembles and teasing stadium-rock grandiose. On “I Used To Think” Twin Haus have crafted their most complimentary balance of experimental urges and subtle accessibility thus far”.

Jonny Nail | Rolling Stone, 24th September 2015

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