TOMI GRAY • Friday 17th November

2017 saw Tomi Gray stepping away from his bands, quit his job and leave his home to travel across the world to spend some time in India hitting the reset button before returning to complete an epic independent project.

Writing and producing an original song DAILY for the first 100 days of 2017, resulting in over a half a million listens on Facebook and viral exposure to several of the demos around the globe. Wrapping up this period of intense solitude with a fevered itch to experience the open road, Tomi left Sydney in May 2017 to move into his converted ambulance. The avant guard performer is now pursuing a solo exploration on his 'BIG TRIPPIN TOUR' all over Oz mixing moody grooves, haunting melodies and electro-tribal rhythms. Tomi delivers a unique and "slightly mad" sound to match his personality both of which he continues to hone, deepening his connection with people and country through music and exploration both inside and out.

"Mind blowing sonics and lyrics to kill. A poet, passionate artist and philosophical story-teller. " - Happy Media

"This young performer is “one to add to your bucket list” - Voice FM

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