TIKI TAANE • Thursday 12th March


Take TIKI TAANE, his guitar, his loop pedal & your’ve got acoustic mash ups and remixes of everything that Tiki has to offer across 3 QLD shows this March 2015!

Once the front man of ‘Salmonella Dub’ creating all things dublishious that stay etched in your mind even today like ‘Dancehall Girl’ ‘Love Your Ways’ & ‘Push on Thru’.

Tiki then took it upon his individuality to go solo and woo the world with his double platinum hit ‘ALWAYS ON MY MIND’ the gorgeous ‘LULLABY’ and the infamous ‘F*#k the Police’ performance that took to the headlines, I mean come on guys it was a NWA remix right!!

When we asked Tiki what he’s bringing to the table for this tour he reckons – “Bro, Im doing something that not many are trying, all live on the spot, on edge kind of stuff”

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