THE TOMMYHAWKS • Sunday 29th November


Meet The Tommyhawks. Four passionate, rockin’ girls with more infectious energy than, well, a raging infection. Indie meets super-charged folk-esque blues…topped off with raw, hair-raising vocals, saxophone and mandolin.

A ferocious live band; they play often and win fans wherever they go. Already touted as an up-and-coming-festival band; The Tommyhawks have tongues wagging all around the country with invitations to Aussie festivals padding out the summer season.

Kenta Hayashi loves music, the art, people, and the mother earth. He came to America only with his guitar and dreams about 8 years ago without knowing a word of English. However, through music he could connect with people. He kept looking for band members for a year, and finally he found great soul mates and made an Alternative Funk Rock band [Four Minutes Til Midnight]. He also has his solo project which we’re stoked to be getting at Solbar this Sunday!!

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