THE STEPTONES – Saturday 13th September


“The Steptones” are a fresh, up and coming four-piece out of Canberra, Australia. Comprising of members from varying musical backgrounds, the Tones draw on a wide range of influences and flavours. As much as The Steptones enjoy writing music and recording in the studio, they are most at home on stage playing live.

Drawing from a wide range of genres, The Steptones offer an accessible sound grounded in solid musicianship. With a performance at a major festival, Groovin the Moo Canberra, and the release of their debut EP, “Someday Soon,” The Steptones hope to be sharing their musical experience with listeners abroad before too long.

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  1. ‘The use of ‘comprising of…’ is simply very poor usage. ‘Comprise’ or ‘comprises’ mean ‘contain’ or ‘contains’ – you would not write ‘Containing of members from varying musical backgrounds…’ – would you? The sentence should be ]Comprising members from…’. Thanks.

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