THE NINJAS • Friday 31st July


Last year local punks The Ninjas dropped their killer self-titled EP, which our Tone Deaf writer said “boasts the Britpop sneer of lead vocalist Josh Stewart with shredding guitars, slick production and heavy riffing, The Ninja’s enormous, stadium-ready sound is prepped to send them to the next level.”

A follow on from their EP comes the fats and furious and crazy fun single named after the seemingly ubiquitous model ‘Cara Delevingne’. Featuring the driving garage punk energy The Ninjas are known for, ‘Cara Delevingne’ is a great of the band at their best.

The quartet have spent the last couple of years polishing their craft supporting huge international acts (e.g. The Cribs) while making a name for themselves with their jolting live shows. The band will be hitting the road for a string of QLD shows, check the details out below. Tonedeaf

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