THE NINJAS • Friday 29th April


“Straight up rock n’ roll done well. No need to reinvent the wheel, this song has just snappy verses, a big soaring chorus and some tidy riffage. Nice… (4/5)”
– Zan Rowe, triple j Unearthed

“… groovy, sleazy, danceable, fat-riffed tunes”
– The AU Review

“This one’s a real stomper with plenty of pomp up front and a white-hot surge of rock & roll noise in all directions/ (4/5)”
– Dave Ruby Howe, triple j Unearthed

“It’s a wonder they have managed to slide under the radar for so long. I suppose such elusiveness is synonymous with being a Ninja, but nevertheless, they have arrived.”
– The Ripe

“This song makes me want to leave work right now and hit the town. It’s party time! (4/5)“
– Dom Alessio, triple j Unearthed

Brisbane rockers THE NINJAS have swiftly been thrust into the spotlight of late, and it’s all thanks to one song. The exercise of simply uploading their debut single ‘Yeah Yeah‘to triple j Unearthed has garnered the band enough attention to score support slots with the likes of The Cribs (UK), The Medics, Eagle and The Worm, Sticky Fingers, The Cairos and many more as well a major synch with the Ford Car Company soundtracking the new Ranger commercial.

Catchy, racy, in-your-face-fun and everything rock ‘n’ roll is meant to be, The Ninjas are fronted by singer Josh Stewart and guitar-weilding Pat Ferris, a pair of fiery songwriters who spent the Fall of 2012 in California together, writing songs and finding their style. They swiftly returned to Australia not only with a reinvigorated inspiration, but also a fresh and unusual edginess to their songwriting.

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