THE JUNGLE GIANTS – Friday 25th october


How much can change in two years? For Brisbane indie rock band The Jungle Giants, the answer is: A lot.

Since their first performance in February 2011 The Jungle Giants have released two EPs upon an ever- increasing fan base, undertaken countless national tours (including a series of plum supports, festival spots and their own sell-out club shows), and have capped off their first two years with recording sessions for their first full-length release.

The result is The Jungle Giant’s debut album ‘Learn To Exist’.

A concept in itself, ‘Learn to Exist’ is for the most-part an auto-biographical collection of songs penned by The Jungle Giants’ front man Sam Hales. “A lot of the writing that went into this album was me trying to figure out relationships and how to translate a feeling honestly into a song,” says Sam. “These songs tell the story of what happened to me over the course of 2012: they reflect either something that meant a lot to me or changed me.”

‘Learn to Exist’ is an untamed, dynamic and infectious debut. Album opener ‘Come And Be Alone With Me’ commences with chirpy handclaps and a guitar riff to get lost in; it’s an open invitation to the frenetic world that The Jungle Giants are known for creating. The album’s first single ‘I Am What You Want Me To Be’ and crowd favourite ‘Skin To Bone’ are similarly candid and are packed with raw, limb-flailing vitality.

Dig deeper and songs such as ‘Devil’s In The Detail’, ‘Truth May Hurt’, ‘A Pair of Lovers’ and album closer ‘Home’ showcase a depth and diversity in the band’s musicianship and in Hales’ talent for songwriting. It’s these songs that display an emotive and internal side to the band. “I recorded ‘Devil’s in the Detail’ in my bedroom and initially had no intention of playing it for anyone,” says Sam. “I was playing around with a few ideas and they seemed to gel. That song is a testament to all the hours I spent alone in my room writing and recording last year.”

Recorded at Brisbane’s Applewood Lane Studios during early 2013, ‘Learn To Exist’ came together with the assistance of award winning and much-loved producer Magoo. “It was awesome”, says Sam. “He’s a cool and honest guy and never makes you feel self-conscious or like you can’t express yourself. His little dog Lemmy is totally cool too.”

‘Learn to Exist’ marks the end of a busy beginning for Sam, Cesira, Andrew & Keelan; and the beginning of a long-lasting, exuberant adventure for The Jungle Giants.

The Jungle Giants are:

Sam Hales: Guitar / Vox
Cesira Aitken: Lead Guitar
Andrew Dooris: Bass / Vox
Keelan Bijker: Drums

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