THE IMPRINTS – free entry 2-7pm Sunday 19th January

the Imprints

  • 2-7pm Sunday 19th January
  • Tickets: Free Entry to all Sol Sundays Acts

If the heart could play music it would sound like the Imprints as they fire up with high energy neo-gypsy melodies underscored with dub, afro and dance inspired grooves. They lace this together with hypnotic melodies leading the listener on a sweet voyage.

Featuring the well-known Melbourne musicians Willow on violin and Linden on drums – the Imprints create a sound that is both light and dark, uplifting and menacing. A magical illusion that suggests a much bigger band! Willow seduces the listener with her violin drawing forth the sounds of double bass, guitar and keys as she builds the sound with her loop station whilst Linden provides the percussive thread that completes the Imprints unique sound.

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