THE BRAINS TRUST • Friday 20th May


This is what it would sound like if ‘future bass, soul music and Beats’ went to Lee Scratch Perrys house for a long lunch!. Press play, for Mr Jonny’s solid Bass & Crackly Beats; Ed’s smooth keys and synth melodies; and a sweet punch in the face when the soulful sounds of Jess Lean, cut through the bass on your new set of speakers!

The history of the gang is a bit unknown. But, we do know about their future!! A deal was made with a mystical guru during a vague series of events which concluded in the promise of wealth and a short monsoon season this year. The wager has never been revealed, but whatever their fate may be, 3 friends, with a new and heightened ability to create unique sounding and rich soul music became ‘The Brains Trust’ that day.

Keep your eyes closed and your ears underground, when you hear it you will know.

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