THE BELLIGERENTS • Saturday 7th May


After five years of hard work developing their sound and building a loyal fanbase The Belligerents really hit their stride in 2015. First gaining the attention of the country at the beginning of the year with their single “In My Way” the indie/psch five piece followed up with the release of their EP Outside:Inside which featured another Triple J favourite “Voices”. The band rounded out the year in style with a national tour and a breathtaking cover of Fat Boy Slim’s “Praise You” for Triple J’s Like a Version.

Truly establishing themselves as an artist to watch in 2016, The Belligerents are now giving us the first taste of their forthcoming debut album with their single “Before, I Am”. The new single showcases the band’s trademark sound while presenting a different, more experimental vibe that was largely inspired by the unique recording environment. The band tracked the album in a remote location off the East Coast of Australia as Bass player/producer Konstantin Kersting explains – “To record the album we set up a studio in a big farm house on Stradbroke Island. We hired and borrowed a heap of gear to make it work and it actually turned out to be the most fun recording session we’ve ever been a part of. Most of the recording was done in the living room, some of the guitars were recorded in the bedrooms and bathroom and the control room area was set up in the kitchen. We spent a total of two weeks there and walked away with a pretty much finished full-length album.”

The original idea for “Before, I Am” was first penned on an acoustic guitar but was later morphed into a full fledged rock tune after being fleshed out by the band. The single was expanded upon even further in the studio as Kersting explains – “Before, I Am is different from previous releases in the sense that we recorded in a totally different location which wasn’t a ‘real’ recording studio. That gave us the freedom to experiment with some different and unusual sounds and really push ourselves to explore new ground, both in terms of production and songwriting.” “Before, I Am” is a fitting first single as it will be the album opener and was the fist track the band wrote for the new record.


“Psych pop has enjoyed a resurgence of late, but these five aren’t merely jumping on the back of the wagon. Rather, they’re taking the best parts of ‘60s psych and adding a modern, Australian edge to proceedings, producing songs that waft along, but that also hit hard, heavy on the bass and throbbing guitar lines. It’s a trip, but a trip that’s all their own” – Rolling Stone Australia

Just love this song in every way, but particularly that build and guitar stabbing explosion in the final couple of minutes. What a beauty” 4/5 – Zan Rowe Triple J on
“looking At You””

“The end result of OUTSIDE: INSIDE, which officially arrives on October 23rd, is a testament not only to the band’s perseverance, but also marks something of a new chapter” – Consequence Of Sound

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