ALL STRINGS ATTACHED • Friday 3rd November

With Special Guests | TOWN + JOE MAN MURPHY


Celebrating the release of their new single "KEEP IT STUPID"

Folk-punk-pirate-polka outfit All Strings Attached have a serious message to share — and they pull no punches and sugarcoat nothing in doing so — in their video for their breakneck new single, Keep It Stupid.

Taking aim at a breadth of environmental and social issues from mining and logging to whaling, the worrying decline in the global bee population, pesticides and beyond, the song hammers home the message that we're on a pretty slippery slope when it comes to not irreversibly fucking up the Earth: 'We could talk all day/ but we're running out of time'.

The track originally appeared on their recently released full-length, Incantations For Strange Folk, and balances its heavy subject area with some impressive instrumentalism and infectious energy that has long been a staple of their renowned live shows.

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