STORM CHASERS – friday 7th february


  • Friday 7th February
  • Tickets: $10

It’s been a whirlwind year for Brisbane’s StormChasers. A year of touring, recording, releasing, radio play, crowd-funding, supports and festivals has meant that their signature big-time brass sound is sharper than ever.

They now return with their single Figurout, the final pre-cursor to their EP ‘Hey Girl’, which is to be released in February 2014. Figurout is a hard-hitting single which incorporates elements of hip-hop, jazz and soul. It’s got that raw, dirty funky vibe which StormChasers have become known for, while still showcasing their musical finesse. Most of all, Figurout is a song about desires – that feeling of wanting and needing something, but not being able to have it. There’s just that *hint* of sexiness in there. It’s provocative, it’s horny (pun intended) and it’s a whole heap of fun.

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