SONS OF THE EAST • Saturday 6th February


SFor the past 4 years, Sons of the East have been mustering up quite a dedicated following both at home and overseas, with their unique brand of modern folk music and a live show that’ll put hair on your chest.

With the release of their new 8 track EP Already Gone, an outstanding collection of work that broadens the band’s modern folk-rock sound, they’ve also decided that like a banana peel thrown out a car window, its time to hit the road. Starting from January 28th, Sons of the East are making their way around Australia to play some stellar shows in places like Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Noosa, Melbourne and many more.

Tickets and further details are available on the official website Tickets will be limited so jump onto the website or the band’s official Facebook page to avoid missing out on what may well be one of the greatest nights of your life.

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