1. Hey ya, is there room for jamming? Eg. I jump up with some keys and invite others to jam with me..? Or is it more of a singer /songwriter vibe?

    • Hey AhVa, If you can organise it inside of 15 minutes, you can do pretty much anything 🙂

  2. Hey solbar peoples,

    Great night last wed 🙂

    So I’m a bit of a satriani fan, is that sort of music too over the top for the open mic night, or should I come along and have a go?

    • Hi Maddi,

      We can have -18s, but you need to contact the venue in the day (5443 9550) so we know you’re coming and we will talk you through how we can swing it. You’ll get put on the board to perform near the beginning but unfortunately will have to leave straight after.

  3. How early should i be to get my name signed up
    And i dont have an appropriate amp for my guitar, is one supplied at Solbar?

  4. Hey! just wondering if you can eat dinner while watching the performers at open mic? Not sure if its in the same area?

  5. Hey, I’ve come over from England and I’m living at Surfers Paradise. Going to make a trip up to Sunshine Coast in the next two weeks and I was wondering if you guys have a house guitar? The only guitar I have has no jack..

  6. hey I’m in a four piece band (rhythm guitar/vocals, lead guitar, bass and drums) just wondering if there is a drum kit supplied?

  7. Hi I have a portable keyboard. Is it welcome and can it be connected to an amp or should I source a lead from somewhere before I come. Also how many songs. Thanks

    • Hey Paul, Yes keys are welcome. Yes bring your own lead and we’ll DI you. 3 tunes per artist 🙂

  8. Hi there – we’re a 3 piece band (keyboard/vocals, bass and drums) – is there room for us at the open mic night? BYO Drums?

    • Hey Mark, Sorry no drum kits at Open Mic. We can supply an Amp and everyone’s welcome. Love to see you there 🙂

  9. Hi so I’ve recently moved up to the coast from Brisbane and would like to push my personal barriers with my hip hop and spoken word stuff,
    I was wondering if I just brought N iPad with tracks and aux would you be able to cater to that.?
    And what you’re policy is with explicit content thank you

    • Hey Kallie, Just bring whatever you need to do your thing, we got the production covered. As far as your c-bombs go…we’ll trust you to read the crowd and use whatever language you think’s appropriate for 7pm on a Wednesday evening 😉

  10. OMG, did the Dave Sunderband really play the solbar open mic??? Those guys are awesome, but I thought they changed their name to instamoist now? Seems appropriate.

  11. This Wednesday night thing sounds rad, I’m looking to start a band sometime soon so sounds like other likeminded people we’ll be hitting Wednesday nights, sounds sweet

  12. Can kids aged 11 & 10 perform songs on guitar n ukulele? I would supervise them at all times but my sons are very interested in performing if allowed.

    • Hi Liz,
      If you could ring the venue on 5443 9550 we’ll be able to sort something out for you.

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  14. What styles are you looking for? Mainly acoustic or would something in the vein of violent soho be allowed? Thanks.

    • Hey Matt, No it’s definitely not a contest. Our open mic is just that…open. and yes some of our fabulous open mic artists have gone on to bigger things at Solbar 🙂

  15. Hey guys. Keen to chalk my name up on the board but have babies and can’t physically get there by seven to write it up. Any chance of securing a slot as I can get there by 8/8.30

    • Hey David,
      We love our originals at Solbar! but try and surprise us with your innovative take on other people’s material. Choose carefully now 😉

  16. Hey, with the open mic night, is it for singles or can 2 -3 people also perform like two singers and a guitarist ?


    • Hey Anth,
      The more the merrier is our usual Open Mic policy.
      Sing y’lil hearts out!!!!

    • Well…that depends on how many of you are chalking it up on the blackboard.
      Just sayin 😉

  17. hay mate my name is lyndon and i would like to come and have a go, just wondering what time it starts and finshes because the last ride home for me back to coolum is on a bus is at 9.30

    • Hey Lyndon,
      Open Mic starts around 7:30pm, so if you’re here by 7pm to put your name on the board, you’ll get up.
      Be Early! 😉

  18. I am a singer – can i perform using backing tracks? How many songs do u get to perform on the night?

    • Hey Carol lynn,
      We LOVE singers! & yes you are welcome to use backing tracks if that’s what you do.
      It’s best to bring them on an mp3 player.
      Depending on how long your songs are, sets usually last from 3-5 songs.
      See you there 🙂

      • Hey Richmond, We’d love to have you along at Solbar Open Mic! Put yourself on the list anytime from 7pm 🙂

    • Heya Catherine,
      Sorry, We can’t accommodate under 18s at our Open Mic. There plenty of options for you on the Coast tho’ starting with our good friends at Circle of Sound. Nurturing younger artists is one of their specialities.

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