SOL SUNDAYS with TJ QUINTON + AHLIYA KITE 2-7pm Sunday 22nd September


Ahliya is a music and poetry performance artist performing under the names Li Li Kite or Ahliya Kite. She writes original music in the genres of ambient, folk, rock, electronic, trip hop, experimental, and soul. Ahliya Farebrother sings of life, love, chance, change, transition, and liberation bringing honesty and artistry to her music. Writing to a wide range of themes both the personal and the political, for joy and for justice, for honesty and spirit, her music is both unique creatively sophisticated in its charm.

Growing up in Northern NSW Australia, T.J. Quinton took to music early. Learning to play guitar late at night as he played and replayed Leo Kottke albums, Quinton quickly developed a unique style based on open tunings and finger style playing and over the years incorporated this in a style of song writing that reflects a broader range of influences from Dylan and Mitchell, to Drake and Buckley.

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