SARAH MCLEOD • Thursday 5th October

With Special Guests


Anyone who has lived for a time in London will know the expression, “you wait an age for a bus, then three come along at once.” Sarah McLeod has called London home, but it was in New York when the cavalry arrived.

McLeod, the singer and guitarist with the ARIA Award winning, platinum-selling rockers The Superjesus, hunkered down in the bitter cold of New York in the new year to construct “Rocky’s Diner,” her long-awaited new solo album.

“Rocky’s Diner” is the culmination of a radical change of creative gears for McLeod, who shaped the project from scratch in near-complete isolation during a three-month stint in the Big Apple. McLeod found her muse as she watched the world go by outside her Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment, as locals got about their daily life, trundling through another harsh winter.

“This album has reinvented my brain,” she explained. “I wanted to be completely by myself and write the record in its entirety from start to finish in one creative whirlwind. It was my biggest musical challenge to-date”.

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