RYAN DELANEY + SMLXL • Sunday 17th July


Creating music to ease up the pressure, Ryan Delaney is rising out of Sunshine Coast soil with a unique brand of coastal reggae music. With the beat of the ocean behind him, Ryan blends the sounds of reggae with influences from hip-hop, folk and dub music into a unique and raw live performance.


smlxl-sun17julSMLXL (small medium large x-large) was a band formed in 1998 (ish) and recorded many demos and played a few shows. It was born out of the ashes of somewhat known Sydney indie band Pelican Jed (Jarrod Murphy and Jason de Wilde) and along with Ged Verus on bass and Mike Barwick on drums, they were thought to have a lot of potential with their angular take on melodic/sonic guitar pop. Think XTC meets Split Enz, somewhere around that anyway.

Mike Barwicks untimely and tragic death in a car accident pulled the breaks on what was a very promising song writing team, with Jarrod’s writing steering the ship.

Mikes death saw the boys go off in a few directions, but Jason and Jarrod always knew there was unfinished business for SMLXL. So after collaborating on some music projects they have decided to pull together an album of what they certainly consider to be their most accomplished works to date.

The whole effort is hoped to be completed by the end of 2016. The first cab off the rank is a drifting lush bold song call ‘Change To Survive’.

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