ROAR FOR TYLER • Friday 20th October


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This has been a few months in the making, and now it's here...Let's all get behind our local hero DeanO, and his little boy, Tyler. ROAR FOR TYLER is a benefit gig to raise funds for the Owen family to assist in Tyler's fight with Leukemia.

The ongoing costs of everyday life, medical bills, and more are a MASSIVE burden on DeanO. Not being able to work full-time so to care for Tyler has taken it's toll as well.

This night is an opportunity for the local sunny coast music scene to get behind DeanO, and show him how much we love him, and wish him, Tyler, Melody & the Owen family well!

AMAZING BANDS ON THE NIGHT to help us celebrate this courageous little dude - Tyler!

Those Old Soles (DeanO on the drums!)
Former Angels (rockin' band from Brisbane)
Brimstone (hard rock outfit from Brisbane)
The Floating Bridges

come all to help!!!

5 months ago Tyler (DeanO's youngest) was diagnosed with Leukaemia, something you would never wish upon such a beautiful family. Since then, DeanO’s had to relocate from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane to care for Tyler. As a single parent, DeanO has been showing the strength of a 1000 men, supporting Tyler through his treatment, but also continuing raising his daughter, Melody, who stays on the Sunshine Coast with DeanO’s parents.

DeanO has an amazing support network around him, but as he is unable to work full-time, and therefore, day to day expenses, medical bills, and continuing Melody's education on the sunny coast (parking & commuting costs), are becoming an excessive burden on already tired shoulders.   DeanO is one of the most well-known musicians and characters of the Sunshine Coast music scene, it’s time for the local music scene to show their support and get behind DeanO in his greatest time of need,

Therefore, on the 20th of October, the SolBar will play host to the “ROAR FOR TYLER” mini-festival in support of the Owen family, to help raise funds for Tyler, DeanO and the Owen Family!

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