PETE CULLEN • Friday 15th December


After discussing the relative merits of Professor Longhair’s rhumba rhythms and The Upsetters One drop drum beat, it only took a few beers and the exchange of couple of mix tapes before Pete Cullen got together with SBS’ Rockwiz band and had a rocksteady plan to make a record.

This is how Pete Cullen’s new album ‘Tom Whisky Blues’ was born. Composed and self-produced by Cullen the album was to be recorded old school; no clicks, no edits but rather soul, swagger and sweat. Pete Luscombe (Rockwiz, Paul Kelly) said “It was a case of have a quick chat about the approach and then, "roll tape"..."lunch!" The record was tracked in two days; the sounds and vibe created are as good to listen to, as they were to create. The Rockwiz band line-up also includes James Black (Mondo Rock, The Black Sorrows) and Mark Ferrie (The Models, The Sacred Cowboys). Drawing from the sounds of the 1950’s Cullen is able to create cinematic storylines. Coffee House tells the story of a gambling cowboy, whose indecision is “laced with the bitter pill of regret”.

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