PAT TIERNEY • Sunday 6th December


Never one to put himself in a musical box , Pat Tierney strives to deliver a fresh , eclectic sound wherever he plays. After extensive touring up and down the east coast of Australia in 2013/2014 the Brisbane songwriter continues to cement his place amongst the Australian Roots scene. His latest offering ‘Love We’re Looking For’ showcases Pat’s love of his hometown Brisbane and brings together his signature slide guitar , folked up sound.

International Urban Folk Artist, Multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter, Vocalist + Meditation Instructor HAJI BASIM brings it to the Lounge this Sunday.

“In a whirlwind of new music, tour dates, and inspiration, California’s Haji Basim is coming out with a new album this November called Free Spirits that captures the essence of his meditation and instrumental experiences from India this past year.

Basim has created his own genre called Urban Folk in order to “have some kinda niche to draw people in because there’s so much music out there. I love folk music and instrumentation,” he explains. “I created Urban Folk as a genre to set me apart.” It took Basim a while to figure out this niche audience that he was looking for. He explains that in the United States it was difficult for him to stand out because music is very generalized, but once he started traveling internationally, he was amazed by the interest and openness in areas like Australia, Europe, and the west coast. Basim also discovered how much music had to offer him in these foreign places, where he slowly learned more about his own self and sound”. seeker fest

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