Oceanics – Friday 7th September

Since hitting the streets of the valley and also our respective coastal home town in january 2010, we’ve played with such rockers as Ball Park Music, Drawn From Bees, Dan Parsons and The Boat People, as well as showcasing at Big Sound 2010.

    Headlining: Oceanics
    Date: Friday 7th September
    With: Pro Vita + Cameo Cast
    Tickets: $10
    Links: oceanicsmusic.tumblr.com

2011 saw the release of debut EP Get Friendly, Mistress Maybe. We have played the Gold Coast Big Day Out, and supported The Like (US), Deep Sea Arcade, The Cairos, The Seabellies, The Grates, Sparkadia, British India, Millions, San Cisco, The Jungle Giants and Die!Die!Die! (NZ). 2nd EP ‘Bright People’ out March 22.

There is no “The” infront of “Oceanics”. We’d like to find the place on the page where people are finding a “the”. If you know, please tell us and claim your reward of a handfull of magic buttons.

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