NOAH SLEE – Saturday 21st December


N O A H S L E E is gaining a reputation as one of Australia’s most avant-garde, promising and prodigious contemporary artists. With distinctive soulful vocals draped across experimental beats, N O A H S L E E is the future of soul.

The Conscious Mic invite you to join us at Solbar on Saturday December 21st and expect a fusion of experimental electronica, prog RNB and indie/soul.

We are excited to announce that Noah Slee will be performing alongside the creative genius giants MKO

Both acts are reshaping the soundscape of Australian music and are at the forefront of the future soul movement.

With a staggering breadth of brushstrokes achieved through a marriage of live instruments and electronic production, M K O will deliver a killer set.

DJ, producer and Co-founder of Dub Temple Records, 8 MΔN will be curating the ear space with an eclectic selection of songs.

8 MΔN will be selecting ‘headphone jams to sound system bangers, dark Balitmore/Jersey Club hybrid beats to lush post-dilla production and late-night live-instrumentation.’ DTR

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