NICK SAXON • 6pm Saturday 6th June


  • 6pm Saturday 6th June

Nick Saxon – A Pilgrim’s Journey Tour

In a crowded market of the soulful surf folk/blues/pop market inhabited by the Ben Harpers and Jack Johnsons of the world, it isn’t the easiest sector to have a point of difference and avoid being swamped by ordinary facsimiles. However Saxon has this other thing.

The Newcastle born and bred singer-songwriter was on a work trip to Kelantan, Malaysia, where he was filming as part of his other job as presenter for the World Traveller Series on National Geographic Channel. Nick interviewed and got to know a local blind man named Rozi, who was born with without eyes, but was an incredible master musician.

Nick recently learned that Rozi’s house had been swept away in the flooding of December 2014 and has set about to raise funds to help him re-build.

To help contribute Nick has created a limited edition release called “For Rozi, A Pilgrim’s Journey”, which features 10 songs, including 3 unreleased tracks, and 2 unreleased music videos. The release is available on USB stick and is only for sale at shows on his upcoming national tour, with 100% of the $20 sale price going to help the construction.

“I always take my guitar with me, and lyric book for any spontaneous moments in-between travel, like waiting at an airport in South America for a flight, hitching a horse and cart in Malaysia, or riding an elephant in Nepal, that create moments and etch their identity into my memory and last forever.”

For Rozi, A Pilgrim’s Journey will be available at Nick’s live shows from APR 23

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