MY NAME IS REUBEN • Thursday 26th October

7:30pm | LOUNGE BAR

Hey! My name is Reuben 🙂 and here are some songs I wrote!

I wrote this the day of the Orlando Massacre. I've named it Pulse after the LGBT Nightclub in which it happened.

We don't need guns in our population
We don't wanna start another war
We don't need to cast out their religion
We don't need to leave them at the door

We don't need our jobs we don't need our cars
We don't need our downloads to be fast
We don't need to worry bout the future
We just need to make up for the past

What we need is love

We don't need some corrupt politician
Turning our fears in to hate
We don't need the medias derision
Making us resent their name

We don't need those lies we don't need those games
We don't need to burn them down in flames
We don't need to talk about them like they are them
And we are us 'cause we are all the same
What we need is love

Talk to us...