MIKE SCALA • Sunday 1st May


  • Sunday 1st May
  • 7pm | MIKE SCALA (NY)
  • 4pm | tbc
  • mikescala.com/

Singer/songwriter Mike Scala was born in Brooklyn, New York and has been a presence in the underground indie rock scene performing at venues across the world including Bowery Ballroom, Whelan’s, The Espy, and The Troubadour. Known for his sense of adventure, he also set a World Record performing a world’s first concert in the Franz Josef Glacier on the South Island of New Zealand which gained the attention of international media and have been featured on National TV stations such as RTE and ABC across the world.

In Oct. 2015, while touring Europe, Scala was scouted by Rome Thomas (Maroon 5, Rage Against the Machine, Incubus) who brought him to a number of other industries top producers after seeing his talent and dedication. After hearing Scala’s last single, “Stratosphere”, and some unreleased demos, Multi-Platinum Producer Matt Squire (Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Dr. Luke) offered Scala a deal which he later accepted. The New Record is due out in 2016 and includes collaborations with members of Imagine Dragons (Will Wells), Tokyo Police Club, and members of the Ed Sheeran and 21 Pilots Team.

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