MAT McHUGH • Saturday 31st October


8:30am Monday 26th October
Mat gave us some sad news this morning, he had this to say…

“Hi everyone. So I’ve got some pretty bad news.

As some of you know I had to cancel last week’s show in Adelaide because of damage to my neck and back. I saw a neuro-surgeon and it is a lot worse than anyone first thought – there’s a ruptured disc in my neck that is pressing on nerves and onto my spinal cord. There is a possibility I could suffer permanent nerve damage without urgent surgery.

This means I’m going to have to cancel the rest of the WAVES Tour dates so I’ve arranged for all of you who had bought tickets to be refunded straight away.

To be honest, I’m pretty shattered on many levels with what’s happened but there are two main ones: firstly, I wanted to get out and play the songs from WAVES after the amazing response we’ve had to the album and secondly, after making the album free, touring was how I was going to earn enough money to feed my family and pay rent for the next few months.

A few people got in touch after my post last week, offering help and I think I’m going to need it – being an independent musician I haven’t been able to afford private health or other insurance which could cover me for my treatment so I’m going to have to raise what looks to me might be a big sum of money for this – more than making another album haha!

If you want to help out you can go to download WAVES and make a contribution. Some friends are also looking at what other things we can do or sell to raise money to pay for the operation so I’ll let you know when that gets sorted out.

I’ll get through this but right now I’m in a lot of pain and your support and all the great words I get from people means a LOT”.



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