KING OF THE NORTH – Saturday 24th May


Guitar/drums rock duo King Of The North has forged a sound and stage show of their own. Since landing on the Melbourne music scene in January 2012, it hasn’t taken long for rock fans far and wide to catch on. The duo delivers a powerful, energetic and fist pumping live show, which has marked them as one of the country’s most exciting up and comers. The uniqueness of KOTN is created by the pioneering of the “3 from 1 guitar technique”. This technique involves making the sound of 2 guitars plus a bass guitar simultaneously from just one guitar. First timers are often left looking for the extra guitarists amidst the wall of sound. Add to the equation one of the most dynamic and solid drummers you will see and you have a rock n roll band like no other. From KOTN’s earliest shows the verdict was in.

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