KALLIDAD • Saturday 23rd April


  • Saturday 23rd April
  • With Special Guests
  • Tickets: $5 @ the Door
  • kallidad.com/

Kallidad began in 2011, and quickly forged a unique sound. Noise complaints from neighbours drove the trio to begin busking, which almost immediately led to a rawer, simpler and more rhythmic sound, and quickly resulted in invitations to perform all over Sydney. From there, things snowballed and the band quickly became a full time national touring act.

With their trademark “Day of the Dead” facepaint, the band has a visual image every bit as striking as their one of a kind sound.

The line up is two Spanish guitars and a box drum- but don’t let the lightweight set up fool you. Kallidad can rock a crowd from top to bottom, as displayed on their tours all around Australia, and two trips to Europe (in 2013 and 2015)

Kallidad has opened for Ed Sheeran, Tijuana Cartel, Mickey Avalon, Flight Facilities and Master’s Apprentices.

The group combines influences from flamenco and mariachi music with rock and metal to create a powerful, energetic and uplifting sound that gives the audience no choice but to dance!

The group is proudly independent, and is currently promoting their second album “Death Fiesta.”

The group has been voted band of the week on Eastside Radio, and Band of the Month on FBI Radio, as well as receiving international airplay.

Trips to festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Nannup, Wallaby Creek, Swaggerfest, Nanga, Psyfari and Subsonic and others have helped Kallidad build a strong and loyal fanbase all around Australia.

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