KALLIDAD • Friday 13th April

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Kallidad is returning to the Sunshine Coast with another huge fiesta on Friday 13th April!

Day of the Dead “Flamingo Fiesta” trio Kallidad began partly as a joke, and partly by accident. From humble beginnings, a world class headlining act has evolved in the most unlikely form­ all instrumental, Kallidad do not need to utter one word to create a bond with their audience, combining Spanish guitar styles with Heavy Metal roots to create a once in a lifetime sound that has seen the group visit Europe, Japan, Indonesia and New Zealand.

Kallidad is one of Australia’s hardest working bands, constantly crisscrossing the great southern land, spreading their music and engaging with the land itself.  The lineup is simple­ two Spanish guitars and percussion.  But don’t let the lightweight set up fool you!

Festivals such as Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival, Party in the Paddock and other mainstream festivals, plus many smaller indie events, have booked Kallidad, easily spotting the group’s formidable talent.  Kallidad was also voted “Most Popular Band” at Italy’s Ferrara Festival­ the world’s premier street music competition!

The three amigos live and breathe music and their live show is a testament to their obsession with the craft of connection.

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