THE JENSENS • Saturday 20th May


8pm | MAIN STAGE | $12 + bf / tix available at the door

"The Jensens are everything that’s good about Brisbane music at the moment. They sound like they’ve been together for a decade, with their small repertoire of songs polished to perfection." - AAA Backstage

Brisbane five-piece The Jensens have dished up their new EP Sexless. The indie rockers explain that first single "Gaff's Song" is "about wilfully denying yourself of something instinctual, as well as the magnetism of desire. An internal argument of wanting love, but having no more time you're prepared to give".

"It's about sex being both a vital shared experience and a temporary distraction of a life otherwise lived at existential breaking point. And how pursuing that experience, is to enter a world of sacrifice and convention. It's about appreciating the fact that your mind has been trained to feed you the notion of significance, by way of the libido, but ultimately questioning the necessity of all of it". source

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