JASON DANIELS • Saturday 6th May



Hi!! My name is Jason Daniels and I'm a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from the Sunshine Coast.

I was born in the wonderful year of '96 and started tapping rhythms on stuff and beat boxing when I was very very young. My parents made me start piano lessons at age 4 which I absolutely loved, they then bought me a second-hand drum kit when I was 5 so I started bashing away at that, then when I was 8 years old I got my mum to teach me a few chords on guitar and started playing that!! I guess I just really connect with music, it's an expression for me, an outlet I guess. So I left school early to do a Cert III in media allowing me to undertake music college when I was only 16/17 years old. I write songs all the time and do a lot of home recording. I gig as often as I can and never judge a crowd by the venue. My dream is to be able to do this full time.

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