Gerrard makes a welcome return with new work for his second show in Solbar’s Gallery…
Gerrard King is an artist who defies categorization. He freely maneuvers between styles, from Realism to Pop, Surrealism, and Abstraction with ease. The unifying thread that ties his oeuvre together is imagination and a commitment to detail.

His surreal oil paintings, full of mesmerizing detail and classical technique, take their cue from the works of Dali and Dutch Masters, with his own uniquely identifiable style making them truly his own. Wearing another hat, his paintings of skulls, bombs, and other icons/objects of popular culture display his knack at combining elements of realism with those of contemporary design. Skulls are juxtaposed with vintage fabrics, whilst a bomb may be depicted with the designer striping found in a vogue French apartment. His pure pop pieces, such as his “Angry Young Things series” depicting superheroes behaving badly, show an artist who also loves pure visual explosions of colour and hard-edge graphics. Gerrard’s versatility and commitment to his craft make him an artist to watch now and in the future.

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