HOLLY LOVELL – Thursday 7th August


  • Thursday 7th August
  • With: Drew Wilson
  • Tickets: FREE ENTRY
  • hollylovell.com

‘I tend to write a lot of my music about experiences I watch other people have to go through, I try to get in their head space and write in the first person. After being complimented on how ‘honest & vulnerable’ my songwriting was I started to wonder if I was somehow deceiving people. Making them believe I had lived these tales, when really I am the type of person who would sooner jump into an icy lake in January than agree to tell you what I’m really feeling.’ So that’s what these songs are in a way, an illusion of my honesty. Stories that aren’t really my own, but I wear them like a patchwork quilt and tell them in honour of those who have truly lived them.’

“To me, Holly captures through her songs a voice that people across the world need to hear and that voice is the sun after a good rain. She’s honest, pure, and fresh.”
Joe King – The Fray

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