HIGHLIFE • Saturday 18th June


HighLife – an Afro, funk infused psychedelic, groove group with South African Singer and guitarist Hayden Hack and his 6-piece funk family. Sharing a vibe with the likes of Fela Kuti, all the players of the highlife style and a 70s-circa Zappa, see HighLife as a musical experience that will make you move and smile – usually both at once.

Incorporating West African percussion, saxophone, flute, highlife guitar licks and arrangements. Add to this a social commentary outlook on lyrics with a vocal range from Hack himself that spans gravelly to falsetto.
Hack has evolved the outfit from a simple duo to what it is now.

With an infectious live show to get you up and dancing, HighLife will give you a beat, a musical lure you will not be able to ignore, a groove that will weave it’s way into your subconscious and entice you to bounce around in an African infused fashion with a huge smile spreading across your face as though in a happy musical trance.

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