HAT FITZ AND CARA – Thursday 6th November


DO TELL is the follow-up to Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson’s ‘acclaimed-in-all-the right-quarters, for all-the-right-reasons’ WILEY WAYS album (2012) which followed on from the pair’s first offering BEAUTY & THE BEAST (2011).

The delightful husband and wife duo recently landed back in Australia after 2 months away touring Canada, The UK and several other European countries, taking advantage of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer festival circuit and grabbing the opportunity to build further on the growing international profile their earlier releases and European tours had earned them. With new European management in place, and DO TELL released internationally back in May of this year, that profile has accelerated a gear or two since we last saw them live.

“Cara has a stunning voice & when unleashed in its full seductive glory it’s goosebumps time. As for Hat, his slide playing is nothing short of world class, tasteful & his grainy dusty vocals, the perfect foil for Cara’s. These guys can stomp as if it’s Saturday night in Clarksdale.” – ACOUSTIC MAG

“Contemporary but at the same time as old as the hills” – AMERICAN ROOTS

“Throughout the album, these two characters show their material needs no additional frills or padding – blessed as they are with a rare depth and conviction.” – UNCUT MAGAZINE

“Before you utter the words Seasick Steve let me put you straight. This Australian/Irish duo is something else and something special” – PROPERGANDA MAGAZINE

“Do Tell is definitely their most accomplished album yet, a perfect combination of their considerable talents that continue to amaze …it’s the kangaroo’s bollocks” – SPIRAL EARTH

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