HARRY JAKAMARRA • Thursday 4th January



Harry Jakamarra forged his song writing, banjo and guitar skills in settings as diverse as the desert sands north of Timbuktu, the choked back streets of Varanasi on the Ganges River, and the uninhabited reaches of the Great Sandy Desert in WA.

Growing up in Broome, WA Harry was inspired to begin playing the guitar after seeing the Warumpi band perform. Soon after he picked up the 5-string banjo and became a regular at local venues. Harry also developed a fascination with Indian Classical slide-guitar and throughout his teens travelled to India to formally study with the gurus of Hindustani slide.

Back at home in the Kimberley he was rapidly becoming a local favorite as well as garnering the esteem of touring artists. He's shared the stage with John Butler, Missy Higgins and supported artists such as Paul Kelly and The Waifs.

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