MICKA SCENE • Thursday 25th May

7:30pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY Rolling out of the alternative surf culture of Byron Bay, Australia. MICKA SCENE is the new wave solo show, sitting atop his Cajon Drum kicking complex beats, strumming slide guitar riffs with reggae/soul groove, singing songs of love, truth and good times, a voice that seems so […]

HOBO MAGIC • Friday 26th May

With Special Guests | TRANSVAAL DIAMOND SYNDICATE, LOS LAWS + ZONG 8pm | MAIN STAGE | $8 + bf / $10 @ the Door Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, HOBO MAGIC sling out a unique brand of old-school inspired psychedelic Rock’n’Roll madness, with love of all things groovy and heavy. The talented trio kick out fresh sounding […]

JORDAN MERRICK • Friday 26th May

With Special Guest | CHRIS FLASKAS 6pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY In Colour by Jordan Merrick Brisbane folk raconteur Jordan Merrick takes the In Colour EP tour to the heart and soul of the Sunshine Coast music scene. Joining him will be none other than Chris Flaskas, who made big waves with […]

THE BIG PARTY • Saturday 27th May

DJ JESSWAH | DJ KATO 8pm | MAIN STAGE | FREE ENTRY facebook | event “Whether you missed out on Festival tickets, or you spent all day frolicking in the fields and want to keep the party going, Solbar’s got you covered. Re-live all the action from 10pm in the Band Room, as DJ Jesswah […]

TIM SOLLY • Sunday 28th May

7pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY “Solly’s performance is compelling, and his presence fills the room… his dark heart beats with great passion.” – Cicely Binford, Xpress Mag Fresh from wowing the crowds at Tamworth and Whittlesea Country Music Festivals, Tim Solly has kicked off 2017 in style with the release of his […]

ZAC GUNTHORPE • Sunday 28th May

4pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY “Zac Gunthorpe howls and hollers across ten folk-rock numbers that take a nostalgic look back at an era of singer-songwriters long gone” Cameron Cooper – The Music An engaging live performer, Zac has honed his already impressive song writing skills to a knife edge. His song writing […]


TAY OSKEE • Thursday 1st June

7:30pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY Tay Oskee is a singer-songwriter from Mission Beach, Australia. A multi-instrumentalist playing different types of guitars, banjo, harmonica and percussion with a musical style that is wide and varied, Tay can take you on a journey from chilled beach tunes to punchy riff driven roots music with […]


With Special Guest | JASON DANIELS 8pm | MAIN STAGE | FREE ENTRY The Steele Syndicate is a Brisbane-based, 8-piece reggae/funk/rock outfit that always brings the groove. Rich vocal harmonies blend with a roaring, four-piece horn section to create music that is energised and emotional, for dancing breathlessly and for pondering deeply. Having recently […]

ANNA & JORDAN • Friday 2nd June

6pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY Anna and Jordan showcase their original music, both sung and instrumental, producing a colourful range of vocal and instrumental harmonies. Combining Anna’s knowledge of traditional music and Jordan’s exceptional creativity in songwriting, they create a distinctive combination of genres and styles that is truly exceptional and uplifting.

NOT TO REGRET • Saturday 3rd June

With Special Guests | ALL STRINGS ATTACHED + THE QUAKERS 8pm | MAIN STAGE | $5 triple j Unearthed Embedded Player So here is our exciting news guys, we are having a pants party at Solbar and your all invited to get loose and take your favourite party pants for a dance. We are absolutely […]

THE NATURAL CULTURE • Saturday 3rd June

6pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY An Australian blend of Funk, Soul, Reggae and World Music, set to entertain crowds across the world with their energetic and engaging performances. TNC are a fresh, grounded, earth conscious, sensitive and upfront group.Their focus centres cultural, sociological and planetary well-being, delivering a powerful message through musical […]

LITTLE GEORGIA • Sunday 4th June

7pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY Little Georgia are a Folk-Grunge duo from Australia. Amongst a sea of rhythmic and raw guitar tones collaborators Ashleigh Mannix and Justin Carter deliver both beautiful harmonies and compelling lyrics which reveal the honesty in their music. The duo are no strangers to touring and have spent […]

TAYLOR PAYNE • Sunday 4th June

4pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY triple j Unearthed Embedded Player An avid songwriter with a distinctive, alternative dark-pop sound, Taylor Payne is known for her ambiguous lyrics, edgy pop melodies and mesmerising voice. Spending her childhood in Adelaide, 11 year old Taylor found and fell in love with Michael Jacksons Thriller album, […]


TOWN • Thursday 8th June

7:30pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY Formerly known as “The Great Unwashed”, this local Sunshine Coast act have had a small legion of followers, and with little effort have established a local fan base, playing in boutique cafes around the region. Originally a 4 piece with added strings, the boys of TOWN, found […]

NIGHTS ON OCEAN • Friday 9th June

2nd FRIDAY EVERY MONTH 5-9pm | IN THE STREET | FREE ENTRY Currently our Nights on Ocean Markets attract between 6–12 thousand people each month. IN other words this means heaps of people make a choice to come and immerse themselves amongst the bustle of people, the ever changing atmosphere of sounds, fragrance and […]

OKA • Friday 9th June

8pm | MAIN STAGE A celebration of all that it is to be alive and free in the world today, OKA draws upon their indigenous connection to place and country through music. Their signature sound is an irresistible blend of influences spanning house, big beat, reggae-dub, Roots, Jazz and world music. A rhythm based […]

PETE ALLAN BAND • Friday 9th June

6pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY Pete Allan – Guitar Surfing Singer/Songwriter from Australia’s Sunshine Coast. Smooth Coastal Music with cool vocals & irresistible funk undertones. Sometimes you can just tell the artists that grew up on the coast. Their music and their lyrics all seem to reflect the smoothness of the sea […]

BUCK DEAN & the GREEN LIPS • Saturday 10th June

With Special Guests | THE BADLANDS + BIG WHOOPS 8pm | MAIN STAGE | tix tbc BANG BANG by BUCK DEAN AND THE GREEN LIPS Buck Dean And The Green lips are local lads who have been blazing their own path into the Australian music industry over the last 18 months. With the band’s […]

BUBKISS • Saturday 10th June

7pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY Bub-Kiss (pronounced ‘Bapkis’) Deriving from the Yiddish word meaning nonsense. This three-piece band will change your experience of reggae, soul, and blues fusion. Being family with father, son and cousin combination; Bub-Kiss have great understanding of each other and derive their sound uniquely from it with influences […]

HAYDEN HACK (solo) • Sunday 11th June

7pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY Hailing from the liberated musical landscape of modern South Africa, Hayden Hack left his homeland some 10 years ago to travel the world and develop his craft and songwriting skills. Playing his own brand of funky afro-inspired journeyman music in some of the world’s largest cities, Hayden […]

JACKSON VILLANI • Sunday 11th June

4pm | LOUNGE BAR | FREE ENTRY Raised on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, up and coming artist Jackson Villani has been singing and playing guitar from the age of 16. From hours of playing in his room everyday, self teaching and his determination to learn, he started writing his own music […]

DEAD LETTER CIRCUS • Friday 16th June

With Special Guests | RIVAL FIRE 8pm | MAIN STAGE |  $30 + bf / $40 @ the Door Dead Letter Circus have announced a new album called The Endless Mile, which will see them reimagine their back catalogue. The band are releasing the album to celebrate 10 years since their debut self-titled EP. The […]


With Special Guest | ALEX THE ASTRONAUT 8pm | MAIN STAGE |  $35 + bf / $40 @ the Door facebook | event A Distant Call is arguably the best reminder that no matter how far we roam, home is always there. Separately traversing the Northern Hemisphere, both Lisa Mitchell and Dustin Tebbutt have been […]

CHEAP FAKES • Saturday 24th June

With Special Guests | 8pm | MAIN STAGE | Take an exclusive listen to Cheap Fakes brand new single…Touch N Go As 2017 rolls out, Cheap Fakes are preparing to bring great music and good vibes directly to your ears with brand new tracks in what is going to be their biggest year yet. […]

HUSKY • Saturday 8th July

With Special Guests | 8pm | MAIN STAGE |  $27 + bf / $35 @ the Door facebook | event With the release of their new album Punchbuzz little over a month away, Husky today bring news of a national tour to fans and share the visionary video for their current single ’Ghost’. Following on from […]

FRENZAL RHOMB • Sunday 23rd July

With Special Guests | TOTALLY UNICORN 8pm | MAIN STAGE |  $30 + bf / $35 @ the Door Hey good news everyone: Frenzal Rhomb have made a new album, and booked a tour to go with it! Yep, Frenzal Rhomb, the most hospitalised band in the world (Seriously, everything from broken drumming arms and […]