FAVOURITE SON • Saturday 21st May



Favourite Son’s music conjures the feeling of a warm tropical sunset on Noosa Main Beach, his show drawing audiences in with sunsoaked dance beats, warm vocal melodies, world percussion, ukelele, and lush keyboards.

Playful and fun, your ears will be drawn to the sound, and your body will want to move to the beats. Recently introducing the ukelele into his live show, the small Hawaiian instrument has brought a unique touch to his ‘beachy’ music. Whether he’s playing funky dance or relaxed tropical grooves, the Favourite Son sound always has an easy and breezy feel.

Favourite Son is the stage name for Matt Aitchison, a Northern NSW based multi-instrumental performer. His music career spans almost 20 years, and has taken him to festival stages all over the world. Since his days with globe-trotting world music band OKA, Matt’s music has a sound that is unmistakeably his own - weaving through his music are effortless melodies, beautiful soothing soundscapes and catchy rhythms.

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