DALLAS FRASCA • Saturday 12th December


“Great Vocals, Riffs & Groove!” – SLASH (Guns n Roses)

“Some call it riff rock. I call it getting torn a new one” – The Music.com.au

“Best female-fronted act in Australia” – Sydney Morning Herald

“Riff-Maven” – Triple J

Swagger, alt-pop, power and rock, two guitars, a beast behind the kit, and a mighty presence at the mic. Dallas Frasca is all of those things, and more. And they’re on a highway right to the top. The award-winning Aussie rock‘n’roll outfit is a stand-out of its class, with its arsenal of heavier-than-the-earth songs, led by its namesake frontwoman, riff-maven rocker, with a knack for channelling Janis Joplin.

“Love Army” is the follow-up to 2012’s “Sound Painter.” The concept for the album was inspired by the Spanish artist Piluca, whom the band met in London in 2012. “She spent weeks making these little men out of hessian bags and recycled materials and placed 100s of them around Brixton (in south London),” Dallas says. “They each held signs with messages that would trigger a positive thought for anyone who read the sign. I was so moved at her selfless act, and how people engaged with her art. I wanted to try and continue the theme of the Love Army message, because why is it so fucking hard for people to be good to one another? I hope our music evokes positive thoughts within people as well.”

Dallas Frasca’s work has been honoured on various occasions. The group took out “Artist of the Year” at the 2010 Australian Independent Music Awards in 2010, and won for “Best Blues and Roots” for the song, “Thank You For Making Me Who I Am.”

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