CONCHILLIA • Thursday 19th May


“……Conchillia. One of them rag-time jazzy New Orleans “spaz yourself silly on the dancefloor” calibre mad jams…GO SEE THIS BAND” ~ Spoz’s Rant Music blogger Spoz Spozington – Adelaide Fringe Festival March 2014

Drawing from a whole world of inspiration, Conchillia creates a new sound, pulsing with vibrancy and vitality. Take a pinch of French cabaret and dress it in bright pop melodies, add the bittersweet mournful cry of saxophone beside the sunny smile of ukulele and vocal harmonies, underpin it with a samba beat, then a shuffle, then a proud march. It’s unpredictable, delightful – a unique blend that comes from the sound of travelling, the influx of different cultures, rhythms, people and sounds.

Conchillia is the sum of diverse musical talent – Jes D’Cruz on vocals and ukulele, Miles Sly on drums, Kiah Gossner on bass, Rowan Harding on saxophone, Sean Helps on trumpet and Tom Kneebone on lead guitar – striving for a fresh recipe rather than retracing familiar ground. Shimmering with creativity and luscious, tuneful appeal, Conchillia proudly presents something new for those old ears of yours.

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