BEN SMITH • Thursday 10th December


“For a clean living lad, Ben has a voice like he drinks whiskey and smokes cigars all day”.
The Times London

Ben Smith- Melbourne based Scottish born singer/songwriter Ben Smith has been releasing albums since 1997 in London and Australia and Main stay at festivals such as St Kilda fest, Folk Rhythm and Life, Apollo Bay and Cool summer fest (mount Hotham) to name a few. From melodic heart felt ballads to up tempo grove based numbers Ben has built a career on performing his works around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and the world.

Ben’s on tour with Scottish born, Melbourne based Saxophone and clarinet player Billy Abbott who weaves a soulful melodic membrane to Ben’s beautiful songs.

“Wild haired leader, Cajun in a Kilt, Billy Abbott of Crawfish Dave had the crowd on there feet”…
Woodford festival 1997, Mark Doherty Rhythms Magazine

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