BEARFOOT • Sunday 5th July


You know that moment that was a great idea at the time, and then becomes a brilliant one? That’s Bearfoot.
A collaboration of like-minded musicians, Bearfoot emerged from a few jams at open mic nights, to quickly gain a reputation as a bunch of groovy lads with catchy roots/reggae tunes, often jamming out the songs that go off into ska or dub tangents. Bearfoot by name, barefoot on stage. Tasty roots/reggae tunes from a bunch of musically-talented dudes.

Originally from Melbourne Solar is currently performing around the Sunshine Coast gaining a reputation for playing the guitar like a ‘wild woman’. With European influences Solar blends a Middle Eastern feel with Soul and Blues. Solar takes her listeners on a journey around the world with her distinctive sounds and heart wrenching vocals. Her performances are a combination of highly energised guitar artistry, foot stomping rhythms and heartfelt melodies.

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