BAND OF FREQUENCIES • Friday 22nd September



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We are launching our new film clip and single, 'Making it Happen', at Solbar with our good mate Blue Child Collective from WA!

On our Bali tour in Feb 2017 we booked a day in the studio and decided to write and record a new tune. Two days later we did a film clip with legendary cinematographer Nathan Myers. We came home and mixed it down at the new 'Yama-Nui' studios with Paulie B while Nathan edited our most psychedelic film clip to date. We're stoked with it and amped to share it with you all!

One of Australia's premier jam bands & true believers in sounds beyond boundaries, Band of Frequencies draw their influences from a vast spectrum of blues, roots, rock, funk and psychedelic styles. Their signature blend comes from years of live experimentation, constantly pushing their influences into the creative fires to see what melts, what explodes and what merges. They have now successfully forged a bond of sonic elements that represents their coastal roots and strikes a chord in the hearts of passionate music lovers around the globe. It's this quality that has lead to invitations to grace the stages of diverse festivals, at home and abroad, and to record soundtracks to several internationally released surf films.

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