ALEX LLOYD • Saturday 22nd August


2015 has been quite a year for Alex Lloyd with the continued promotion of his latest album, ‘Urban Wilderness. Featuring multi-layered harmonies, loops, songs of family & romance, tracks written across the globe: Urban Wilderness is the long-awaited return album presented five years on from his last solo effort, 2008’s ‘Good In The Face Of A Stranger’.

It is 12 tracks of pure, pop-tinged song craft, the 4x ARIA-winner finally returning home after 5 years living & working abroad in London. Introduced to the masses via the radio hit, ‘Better The Less You Know’. Alex recently released a third single, being the upbeat rock anthem ‘Good Thing’ accompanied by an epic video clip in the form of a short movie! Five years in the making, for fans at home Alex Lloyd’s latest listen is long overdue. “I don’t want to jinx this record, but it’s great.

I did things I hadn’t really done before – and I’m proud of that.” Following up on the launch of the album and new single & the announcement that Alex has re-written his hit ‘Coming Home’ as the theme for Richmond Football Club, Alex ventures to the Sunshine Coast for a special acoustic performance – celebrating in intimate mode at Solbar.

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