We're practically drowning in disposable coffee cups.

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Ocean St. Soft Plastics Recycle Initiative

Ocean St. Soft Plastics Recycle initiative

Discarded Plastics are choking our planet. It’s time to take action.

Our star barista and eco-hero Rosemary is heading the next big eco-initiative here at Solbar and she's getting the whole of Ocean Street involved. Rose is organising for the Solbar group, and other cooperating Ocean Street businesses, to collect all their soft plastics for recycling through the Coles Supermarkets REDcycle program. Rose is collecting these soft plastics every week from cooperating business and delivering them for recycling to Coles. So far she's brought together nine of the local businesses and is hoping for more additions. Wonderful work Rose, another big step in the right direction. What a superstar!

If you'd like to get involved, you can get in touch with the Facebook page below.

Ocean St. Soft Plastics Recycle Initiative

Ocean St. has been transformed into a vibrant social hub with the additional privilege of having the actual ocean only a walking distance away. We are lucky to have access to such diversity – from inner city to relaxing sun and waves. However, the issue of waste cannot be ignored. Discarded plastics are choking our planet – with only 3% of Australia's plastic bags currently being recycled, despite recycling facilities being available at major supermarkets and retail outlets.

Lead by a member of the Solbar team, the Ocean St. Soft Plastics Recycle initiative was started to not only raise awareness about the option for soft plastic recycling, but to introduce it and make it habitual to Ocean St. businesses. Ocean St. SPR has issued soft plastic bins to 14 participating businesses and collects the waste every Wednesday for recycling through the REDcycle program at Coles Supermarket in Maroochydore.

For more information on the REDcycle program and what soft plastics can be recycled, visit

For more information on Ocean St. Soft Plastic Recycle or how to get involved, visit


A debate long thrown around the Solbar office, was the utter unimportance of straws, but the sheer duty of a bar to have them...How were we to solve the (what we perceived would be a huge public dilemma) of how to drink ones drink, and not have to lift the cup to your face...then a well known YouTube video came along, and our response was simple.

No To Straws.

And hence in July 2017 Solbar became a strawless enterprise. We save an average of 5000 disposable straws a week, and have an approximate running total of 110,000 (Nov 2017) disposable plastic straws that we have not supported the manufacture of, the distribution of, nor the addition of these little suckers to landfill!

Another step forward.