THE BRODIE GRAHAM BAND – Thursday 28th August

The Brodie Graham Band

Brodie Graham is one of the hottest emerging talents in the Australian Blues scene. An amazing dexterity on the guitar is combined with a sensibility and taste that shows incredible maturity for such a young player. The rich history of the blues is reflected yet modernised in his live performances with toe-tapping swings, infectious shuffles, clever funk, awe-inspiring jazz, and heart wrenching soul tunes all illustrated with Brodie’s unbelievable feel for the guitar.

Check out Brodie’s brand new single
“I Can’t Go Wrong”

ARCHDUKES – Friday 29th August


Archdukes formed beneath the shadow of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. They approach songwriting with a love of intelligent pop music matched only by a consuming affair with dream-inspired lyricism and arrangement. The culmination of which, produces a sometimes dark, sometimes intense, often blissful musical landscape. In the past 6 months, Archdukes have released 2 singles which have received airplay on Triple J, with Zan Rowe and Dom Alessio, rotation on local stations RRR (Melbourne) and FBI (Sydney), as well as accruing over 30,000 Youtube views on their video for song ‘Soft Focus’.

THE DAWN CHORUS – Saturday 30th August

The Dawn Chorus

The Dawn Chorus is quickly building a reputation for its raw, yet undeniably tight knit stage show. Smooth keys and well-defined vocal harmonies create a warm bedding, whilst their rock-solid rhythm section entrances the crowd with infectious grooves and seamless dynamics.

Notoriously hard to put a finger on, The Dawn Chorus’s sound has been said to resemble the likes of Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, Joe Cocker, The Cold War Kids and even Sublime to name a few. However, what listeners usually find is something that draws from such a broad array of influences, that its much easier to label as, ‘it’s own.’