THE BRODIE GRAHAM BAND – Thursday 31st July

The Brodie Graham Band

Brodie Graham is one of the hottest emerging talents in the Australian Blues scene. An amazing dexterity on the guitar is combined with a sensibility and taste that shows incredible maturity for such a young player. The rich history of the blues is reflected yet modernised in his live performances with toe-tapping swings, infectious shuffles, clever funk, awe-inspiring jazz, and heart wrenching soul tunes all illustrated with Brodie’s unbelievable feel for the guitar.

Check out Brodie’s brand new single
“I Can’t Go Wrong”



8 piece Brisbane Polynesian ‘soul, reggae, dub’ band CHOCOLATE STRINGS are still riding on the success of their latest single PLAYING PRETEND and heading back up to the Sunshine Coast for a double headliner show at Solbar, Maroochydore. No rest for this seasoned outfit after recently returning from a tour that saw them all way down to Melbourne and at Peak Festival, Perisher Valley.

This time they bring them long time friends SCHOOLFIGHT who have been blazing their ‘groove’d-out hip hop funk’ to audiences up to Cairns and back as well the recent Jurassic 5 support.

Kicking off at 8pm, Solbar hosts a night full of dancefloor madness. Continue reading

PRO VITA – Saturday 2nd August


The Pro Vita ladz have been hibernating slightly in this freezing Queensland winter, working on some new material while sitting inside crying looking at the continuously small winter swells.

After little discussion/thought it was decided to come out of said hibernation not long after Splendour in the Grass to party at Solbar…with Rad legends Luno coming to party from the even colder lands of Toowoomba. Locals Tongue Tied Thieves will also be along for the ride.

HOLLY LOVELL – Thursday 7th August


  • Thursday 7th August
  • With: Drew Wilson
  • Tickets: FREE ENTRY

‘I tend to write a lot of my music about experiences I watch other people have to go through, I try to get in their head space and write in the first person. After being complimented on how ‘honest & vulnerable’ my songwriting was I started to wonder if I was somehow deceiving people. Making them believe I had lived these tales, when really I am the type of person who would sooner jump into an icy lake in January than agree to tell you what I’m really feeling.’ So that’s what these songs are in a way, an illusion of my honesty. Stories that aren’t really my own, but I wear them like a patchwork quilt and tell them in honour of those who have truly lived them.’

“To me, Holly captures through her songs a voice that people across the world need to hear and that voice is the sun after a good rain. She’s honest, pure, and fresh.”
Joe King – The Fray